These days I work from my little shed on Moose Lake.  Working at -30 or +30 is a challenge but I love it.


This spring I'm painting soft spring flowers on a lightly speckled thrown stoneware - a gentle reminder that winter is behind us. (See Shop - bowls and mugs)

Summer will be full out color on terracotta and porcelain - bringing to life the vibrancy of sunlight on water, bursting blooms and foliage, a kaleidoscope of skies, and most of all, the gifts of the forest and the garden. In summer I love making big stoneware 'wedding bowls' - gifts to celebrate new beginnings.

In fall, the abundant harvest and changing leaves turn the palette to earthy rich ripeness as we celebrate the plenty of the season.

Winter is a magical season of shimmering snow drifts, pastel sunsets on icy blue frozen lakes, dancing auroras, and the splash of color of brave winter birds at the feeder.   Most of all, winter is the call to rest and gather around the fire.   I throw thin translucent porcelain candle lanterns and hand carve them into glowing storybooks of patterns that reflect on walls and tables.  To me they are the heart of the winter season.

Then, finally, emerald shoots poking through the snow and the honks of returning Canada geese tell me it's time to start again.